Week of Oct.

Reading: Mo Willems author study

Spelling: will, call, little, better, stuff

Phonics: double consonant words ll, ff, ss

Writing: using Somebody Wanted But So

Math: review addition, subtraction, and tally marks

THIS IS THE LAST WEEK OF THE 9 WEEKS! Report cards will be coming home next week. Upcoming Things: Book Order has been placed and should be here soon. Oct. 19th No School Zoom Parent Conferences will be the last week of October. Sign ups will come home soon.

Sept. 8th

I am SO HAPPY to be back!  Thank you all for your cards, the puzzle, the Hard Bean gift card, and your prayers.  I feel so great and loved!

Today I sent home books that are just right for your kiddo.  Please have them read their new book tonight (twice would be great).  Tomorrow they will get another book in class and will bring home two books.  I will always have 1 or 2 books for them to read but if there are two, 1 will be a book they have already read.  I do this so we can work on fluency.  We want to read the way we talk.  This is a HUGE thing for first and second graders!  Starting tomorrow I will also have a page in their journal to complete after reading. 

Week of November 11th

Important Dates:

  • Friday, November 15th: We get to walk to high school and watch a production of Cinderella.
  • November 22nd: We will have a special performance in our classroom.  The kiddos will perform a short program including a few Thanksgiving songs.  The kids would love for you to come and watch. 9:30 am! More info will be sent in the take home folder on Thursday.  Hope to see you all there!
  • Thanksgiving holiday Nov. 25-29

What we are learning:

  • Spelling:If, do, will, each
  • Spelling pattern/phonics: sh, th, ch, wh
    • On the back of the spelling test, the kids will be asked to write which digraph is in each word: For example, there will be a picture of a thumb, the kids will have to write th.
      • To Practice:
        • Monday: Come up with 3 sh words
        • Tuesday: Come up with 3 th words
        • Wednesday: Come up with 3 ch words
        • Thursday: With your help pick out a few objects that start with wh.  (wh is harder for them to come up with words on their own.)
  • Reading: We are focusing on with reading with expression and fluency.
  • Math:  Greater than/Less than, ordering numbers
    • How you can practice at home:
      • Give kiddos two number and ask them which is greater or less than.  I am teaching the greater than/less than symbol on Tuesday so after Tuesday you can have them practice writing that. (Example: 67 > 56 )
      • We will be learning how to order numbers on Wednesday.   You can write 4 numbers on 4 different index cards and have your kiddo put the index cards in order from least to greatest.
  • Social Studies/Science: Thanksgiving Practice

November 4th

Spelling words: your, which, their, said

Spelling pattern: Blends:Sm, sk, scr, strTo practice:
Monday: Come up with 3 words that have sm in them.
Tuesday: Come up with 3 sk words.
Wednesday: Come up with 3 scr words
Thursday: some up with 3 str words
On the back of the spelling test this week, the students will be asked to describe something using adjectives.
To practice: grab a household object and describe it using adjectives. Example: Describe an apple (hard, red, smooth)

Math: Place value

Writing: Focus on starting our sentences with a capital letter and ending with a period.

Science/Social Studies: Thanksgiving/ Past and present

Reading: Using the plot of stories: a story tells who, where, and what happened.


I am at a conference Monday and Tuesday.  I will be back Wednesday.


To:  All parents and guardians

From:  Jennifer Rock and Claire Koonce

Re:  New lunch visitor procedures


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Our procedure has always been to allow parents and guardians to eat lunch with their children any time they choose to do so.  We have tried to manage this way of working with limited space in the cafeteria and surrounding area. We have to keep the safety of our students and personnel as our top priority.  Therefore, we are implementing some specific procedures beginning immediately.  

Parents and guardians will certainly still be allowed to eat lunch with their children, but we are putting the following schedule in place:


  • All parents will be allowed to eat lunch with students on Friday only.


Visitors will still not be allowed on early release days.  If you choose to bring a lunch for your child, you will be allowed to place the lunch on a cart inside the main hallway.   Lunches will need to be marked with your child’s name. Personnel will check the cart prior to the start of lunch. We will not call into classrooms to notify students.

We apologize for any inconvenience this change may cause.  Please know that we have given this great consideration, consulted with district leadership, and believe this change is in the best interest of our students, staff members, and the working environment of our campus.  Thank you for your support and consideration. 


October 21st

  • October 21st – STUDENT HOLIDAY! Enjoy this day off with your kiddos 🙂
  • October 28th-November 1st – Red Ribbon Week!
    • Monday: Wear red
    • Tuesday: Team shirt/jersey
    • Wednesday: Pjs
    • Thursday: Book Character dress up day
    • Friday: Roughneck Spirit
  • Tuesday, October 29th – Student-led conferences – Please make sure you are signed up!
  • Wednesday, October 30th – EARLY RELEASE DAY! Students will be released at 11:30 (if your kiddo is boys and girls club please let me know ahead of time how they will be getting home that day!)

This Week:

  • Spelling: we, there, can, an
  • Spelling Pattern: Consonant blends: sp, sn, st, sl
    • To practice: On Monday: come up with words that begin with sp (ex. spit); On Tuesday, come up with words that begin with sn (ex: snap); On Wednesday, Come up with words that begin with st (ex. step); On Thursday, come up with words that begin with sl (ex. slap)
  • Math:  Numbers to 20: place value, putting the numbers in order, comparing numbers
  • Writing: Using Facts and details in our nonfiction writing
  • Reading: Learning new information from the nonfiction stories we read.
  • Science/Social Studies: Bats and Spiders

October 14th-18th

I am so proud of these kids for being so responsible with their reading folders.  We almost have 100% of our class filling in their reading logs nightly!

As these come home some good things to know are:
This helps with fluency, comprehension, making sure they remember what they practiced, and expression.
*Please, please do not tell them a word if they get stuck. 
Help them break it apart or it is ok to help with some sounds, but we cannot give them the answers.  They are going to stare at you.  It is awkward at first.  If you give in then they will continue it at home and in the classroom too. 
We don’t want to coach them to be reluctant and dependent readers.
We are coaching independent readers, thinkers, and problem solvers!  

*We are continuing our author study of Kevin Henkes.  I will be sight word testing students with all of the ones we have worked on this year (these have mainly been review of kindergarten words)
*Spelling Words: what, were, all, when .
*ABC order

*Reviewing all skills (addition, subtraction, graphing, measurement) and will have a cumulative math test on Friday.

Science: Movement, Motion, and Magnets!

We will go to the fire station on Tuesday.  They are asking that parents please not go since it will be such a short time there.  Please make sure to send socks to wear that day!